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Daniele Zaniolo

I was born in Turin in 1967 and I started practicing as a lawyer in the mid-nineties with Geo Dal Fiume, a renowned lawyer in Italy. A few months after professional qualification, I began to work at Gianaria Mittone Ronfani law firm where I’ve been partner until October 2017.


Over these years I’ve gained experience in the corporate environment, under all the criminally relevant perspectives.

Working side by side with very knowledgeable and highly qualified eminent professionals, has enabled me to continue learning and growing since my traineeship and to take part in some of the most complex and significant trials in Italy, sometimes as assistant or substitute of my expert colleagues, sometimes as prime defence lawyer.


I contribute to some trade magazines and I wrote articles and case notes for "Cassazione penale", "Rivista italiana di Diritto e Procedura Penale", "",, "Diritto ed Economia dell’Impresa". I’m author of the monograph “Le circostanze del reato”, published by Giappichelli Editore in 2013.


I’ve been lecturing at various conferences organized by publishing companies, professional bodies, training companies, regional schools of the Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura and Camera Penale “Vittorio Chiusano”, of which I’m member and responsible for the formation of criminal defence lawyers. I’ve been responsible for the Turin office of the Scuola di Alta formazione for criminal lawyers for the period 2017/2018, promoted by UCPI.

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